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Christian formation needs to be a lifelong process.  In order to grow in our love and understanding of our faith, we need to be lifelong learners, deepening our understanding of the scriptures, the sacraments and Christian living. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings during the school year.


Why Study the Bible?
There are seventy-three books in the Bible, and many stories…it’s “the greatest story ever told”. It has been given to us through the Church and written in Sacred Scripture—not only so we can read the story, but so we can meet God there and be changed by the encounter. This “Story,” tells us who we are, why we are here, and what we were made for. It tells us that God is, that He loves us, and how He has acted through the ages so we can get from here to Him.
Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Christ, but understanding it is not always easy. Many people tell me they have tried time and again to prayerfully read Scripture, but they get frustrated because they “just don’t get it.” (Jeff Cavins, Great Adventure Bible Study)
The Adult Bible Study Ministry provides an easy and enjoyable way for adults to better understand scripture as individuals and as community. We read assignments and go over study questions on our own; then gather together weekly to review the material, share our thoughts and gain further depth and interpretation from DVD teachings by Catholic theologians. As we grow in our knowledge and appreciation for the written Word, our faith grows. Readings come alive; we uncover how much of the Mass is rooted in scripture and how dynamic it is; and we grow in knowledge and confidence to share the good news.

 SPRING 2018


Have you ever wondered what it means to be truly free or how to attain true freedom?

Join us for “Exodus: Called to Freedom” by Dr. Tim Gray.

Exodus is often seen as the defining moment in Israel’s history, when God called Israel out of slavery in Egypt to freedom. The story of Exodus isn’t only Israel’s story, it’s also our story. This study looks through the lens of Christ and the Church to show how God desires to free us from the deadly grip of sin so that we could have authentic freedom.

This 12-part program will help you discover the rich meaning behind the standing, kneeling, silent attentiveness and vocal responses.  With freshly awakened eyes of faith, we can enter into a more meaningful, fruitful worship experience.  As with our prior studies, there will be video teachings, this time by Tim Gray.  You will receive a study guide with background information and study questions.  But the best part is the time we have to share what we’re learning and how it impacts our lives.  Join us!

What:             Exodus:  Called to Freedom

Duration:       Once a week starting Jan 10th (no class on Ash Wednesday)  

When:            Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 pm, our new night

Where:           Church of the Little Flower, school building, room 2D

Space is limited; advanced registration is preferred to allow time to order study materials. 

Register by clicking on this form or via this sign-up genius link:  


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                        Or call Sam & Marianne Sowell at 732-360-1473



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