Great Ways to Recharge Depleted Motivation

When your phone’s battery drains out, you have to recharge it; and so does human motivation. When a person starts to lose motivation, everything gets out of perspective – your creativity and productivity starts to crash.

What causes demotivation?

At some point in time, no matter how accomplished you are, you’ll just wake up one day feeling demotivated; where your mind and body start to feel as if everything is shutting down. There are a lot of reasons why a person starts to lose motivation; these are:

  • You feel you are not doing enough.
  • Depression
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the task.
  • You are trying to please everyone.
  • Having a fixed mindset.
  • You are content with what you have and finding no reason to try out new things.

Can you beat demotivation?

Yes; you can.

However, it won’t be easy. Even so, you still have to try.

Here are great ways to recharge your depleted motivation:

#1: Reason-out

There are days that no matter how you try to yell at yourself to move and work, all your efforts become pointless. There are days that procrastination begets you.

Fortunately, there is a way to beat procrastination or lack of motivation – try to reason out. It may sound pointless and unusual to provide reasons for yourself, still, it is one of the best ways to encourage motivation.

Reason out why you need to get moving. Try to let yourself know the consequences if you keep yourself demotivated. Do not be afraid to talk to yourself to the mirror while providing the reasons to keep moving; it is not a sign of being crazy. You need it sometimes.

Also, it will be a battle of will; so, be prepared.

#2: Envision success and the consequences

Try to envision the success and the reward if you finish a task and compare it with the consequences if you keep your tasks aside. What will happen if you do your task or not do anything at all?  Visualization is a powerful tool that will help you recharge your depleting motivation.

Sometimes, you need to visualize things the reward and the consequences to set the mood.

#3: Create an encouraging surrounding

Make your workspace encouraging. If you are allowed, try placing some of the pictures and quotes that you love to see every day. Bring out items that make you feel comfortable when you try to bring out your creativity and productivity. Try to avoid people that make you feel inferior and demotivated.

#4: Live a healthy lifestyle

Eat healthily before starting your day. Avoid drinking too much coffee or highly-caffeinated drinks because it can cause jitters – a physical sensation of sudden crash of energy after drinking highly caffeinated drinks. Instead, try drinking enough water or healthy tea.

Also, have a quality and enough sleep; one of the common reasons for depleting motivation is the lack of sleep. So, make sure that you have enough sleep at night to feel the recharged energy in the morning.

Do not forget to exercise and take the prescribed vitamins.

#5: Talk to someone you can trust

Sometimes you just need reassurance that you are doing well at work, at school, or in the office to feel back the motivation. In this case, talk to someone you can trust and tell them your fears and frustration.

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