3 Ways to Squeeze the Most Money Possible Out of a Blog

Building a blog is extremely easy, and cheap too. All you need is a domain name, a basic hosting account with WordPress installed, and a few pieces of content. Making money from a blog, however, is a whole other story. Not only do you have to build an audience but you also need them to […]

A Quick Guide to Kratom Powder for Newbies

There has been much in the news about kratom, especially about the way in which the use of it has literally exploded over the past few years. Sometimes what you read is amazing and other times you might be seeing that there are disadvantages to be concerned with. Actually, if you understand what kratom is […]

Great Ways to Recharge Depleted Motivation

When your phone’s battery drains out, you have to recharge it; and so does human motivation. When a person starts to lose motivation, everything gets out of perspective – your creativity and productivity starts to crash. What causes demotivation? At some point in time, no matter how accomplished you are, you’ll just wake up one […]